Client List

Eight-year-old Beth witnesses Ellison murder her mother and her testimony sends him to a life sentence in prison.

In her twenties, after a troubled upbringing, Beth trains to become a psychotherapist and graduates with four clients on her list.

Beth treats these clients as though they are her family and is very protective towards them.

Ellison keeps sending letters to Beth from prison and no matter where she moves to, he is able to find her.

With the idea of persuading Ellison to stop, Beth goes to see him but he is unable to meet her. After attacking a warden, Ellison’s privileges have been revoked.

But he manages to escape prison and pretends to be a victim support officer, so he can get up close to Beth.

When Ellison has a fight with Beth’s lover, he accidentally kills him and this perpetuates a killing spree that puts all of Beth clients lives in jeopardy.

Beth needs to find Ellison and use her psychotherapy skills to turn him, so that she can save her clients.