Finding Clive

When Mari, a forty-year-old autistic cleaner, finds out that her best friend San is having an arranged marriage, she wants to have an arranged boyfriend.

Mari’s pin-up is a sexy dark-haired catalogue model that she calls Clive and her new boyfriend has to be like him.

Wanting Mari to find happiness, San signs her up to a dating website with the profile: Catalogue model required – must be called Clive.

A curious assortment of Clives respond and Mari embarks on a series of dates, each one of them is disastrous in its own special way. This is mostly because Mari always tells the truth, never a good policy on a first date.

Despite getting grief from his controlling mother, San turns up as Mari’s private security to protect her in case the Clives’ become fractious.

Things become complicated when Mari’s boss Phillip makes a pass at her, as though he’s a Clive too.

Mari records the whole encounter on her digital camera and Phillip has to get that footage back, which is difficult.

He also has to keep Mari quiet, which is impossible, before her truth-telling ruins his marriage to Hannah.

San begins to realise that he is falling in love with Mari, but his mother is definitely not going to let that happen.

San speaks to his bride-to-be and is surprised to find that he might have an ally.

Will Phillip delete the footage? Will Hannah ever forgive Philip?

Will San stand up to his mother? Will Mari ever find her Clive?

Most importantly, will Mari and San finally realise that they are made for each other?

Shirley Henderson (Trainspotting, Bridget Jones Diary, Harry Potter) and Roger Allam (The Hippopotamus, Tamara Drewe, The Thick of It) are on board for a shoot in 2018 with Alison Sterling of Ignition Films producing.