The Box

15 mins. HD. 2014.

When Angela offers a homeless man shelter in her garage, he wants to know why.

The Box screened at the East End Film Festival 2015 and at the Portobello Film Fest 2015.

Angela lives in a quaint studio apartment, hidden away in the heart of London, and when Joe a homeless man beds down in her courtyard their lives are never going to be the same.

Production notes
The Box was shot by Gabi Norland with a small crew and edited by Simon Cozens in Final Cut Pro. The picture was graded by Matthew Osborne at The Mill and the sound mixed by Steve Single in Dolby 5:1 at Halo Post production.

Sophie Linfield – Angela
Gary Cargill – Joe

Writer/ Director – Deva Palmier
Producer – Katie O’Mahoney
Music – Phil Scragg
Cinematographer – Gabi Norland
Editor – Simon Cozens
Sound Editor – SNK Studios
Sound Re-recording Mixer – Steve Single
Sound Recordist – Duncan Paterson
Colour Grading – Matthew Osborne
Colour Grading Producer – Colin Oaten
Camera Assistants – Ewan Macfarlan, Briony Stephens, Jon Mitchell
Production Assistant – Lilianna Bujak
Catering – Fred Mackenzie