Carolyn’s Dead

12 mins. HD. 2011.

Carolyn’s Dead was selected for Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival 2012 in the Documentary Programme, screened at the East End Film Festival 2012 and at Babington House in 2013.

Carolyn’s Dead is the first of the Southbank Unseen series of films that premiered at the Mayor’s Thames Festival, projected on to the exterior wall of the Royal Festival Hall in September 2011 – highlighted in Time Out magazine’s no. 1 Pick of The Week and also screened in January 2012 at the London Short Film Festival.

Carolyn’s Dead is a thought-provoking, visually dynamic and aurally arresting, documentary with drama of Carolyn Findlay, who sees a perspective of the world that we don’t normally see.

On the riverbed of the Thames, Carolyn Findlay, a clairvoyant, can hear a lost soul calling to her, but what do they look like? What are they wearing? What would we see, if we could see the Dead that Carolyn sees?

Carolyn Findlay’s perception is supported by Lucy Bristow’s sumptuous cinematography, Karoline Moser’s skilful editing, Julian Stewart Lindsay’s beautiful music, Alastair Sirkett’s electric sound design and Steve Single’s extraordinary mix.

Carolyn Findlay as herself
Nicola Harrison – Lady on Thames
Simon Lloyd – Gent on Thames

Writer/Director/Producer – Deva Palmier
1st AD/Producer – Fionn Groeger
Music – Julian Stewart Lindsay
Cinematographer – Lucy Bristow
Editor – Karoline Moser
Sound Editor – Alastair Sirkett
Sound Re-recording Mixer – Steve Single
Colour Grading – Graeme Hayes

Associate Producer – Jes Benstock
Sound Recordist – Walter Stabb
2nd Camera Operator – Nick Ward
Costume Designer – Kirsty Allen
Costume Assistant – Imogen Perreau
Make Up – Lucybelle Thompson
2nd AD – Emily Mayson
Production Runner/ Stills – Willow Findlay

Publicist – Katie McCullough